5 C Store Distributors

5 C Store Distributors

Convenience stores are small stores known for sales of everyday items such as food supplies, beverages, candy, and more. They are mostly located beside gasoline stations for easy access to these items. Many of these stores get goods they sell from distributors around their vicinity.

As a manufacturer that wants to ensure good sales in the business and flow of your products in the market, it is essential to get your goods to these stores via a distributor. A distributor is an agency that purchases goods in large quantities from a manufacturer and supply to convenience stores and other retail traders in the market.

With your goods retail ready, below are five convenience store distributors you can work with to get your goods disbursed across the country:

  • McLane Company
  • Core-Mark
  • Eby-Brown company
  • HT Hackney company
  • Farner-Bocken company

#1: McLane Company: McLane joined the distribution industry in 1894. This company is one of the largest in the country, with 80 distribution centers across the country. They supply over 50,000 goods to over 90,000 locations. They service convenience stores, chain restaurants, and retail traders that sell alcoholic beverages. Their major distributions are food services, grocery, drug store, and alcohol supplies.

#2: Core-Mark: Core-Mark is also one of the biggest distributors in Northern America. They started distribution service in 1888. They service more than 29,000 stores and markets across the United States. They have 28 distribution centers spread across the United States, and their primary focus is on the purchase and delivery of general merchandise, beauty, and health products. They are known for delivering goods on time, a full-service marketing and competitive pricing.

#3: Eby-Brown Company: Eby-Brown company is the largest privately-owned distributor in the United States and has been a top convenience store supplier for over 120 years. With seven distribution centers, they service 13,500 retail locations across the country.

#4: HT Hackney Company: HT Hackney company started in 1891. The goal is to focus on offering quality services and extremely competitive prices to ensure stores get their products from their company without having to depend on any other distributor. With their distribution center placed across the country covering 22 states, they supply over 25,000 products to over 30,000 market and stores.

#5: Farner-Bocken Company: Farner-Bocken is an operated distributor of convenience foodservice products. This company has been working with customers since 1939 to supply products, programs, and ideas, which in return yields dollars to their bottom line daily. Their supply of over 14,000 products across the country includes: convenience foods, beverages, ice creams, candy, groceries, tobacco, supplies, paper, cigarettes, snacks, and chemicals.

Distributors supply manufacturers goods to retailers; they render exceptionally quality service. Working with these distributors, you can sit back and watch your goods on high demand in the market, accompanied by a great return on investment.