C-Store Distributors

Convenience stores are regarded as small retail shops that are involved in the sales of consumers’ products, mostly everyday items such as beverages, candy and snacks, soft drinks, general merchandise, toiletries, magazines, and other supplies. For consumers to have easy access to these products, the majority of convenience stores are usually situated beside gasoline stations.

The majority of goods supplied to convenience stores are gotten from distributors. Distributors are wholesale agencies that help small and large scale manufacturers disburse their products into the market. These distribution companies help a manufacturer get his products onto store shelves in a more efficient and organized manner, saving him a lot of money, time, and energy.

There are a variety of distribution companies operating in the United States of America, satisfying both manufacturers and retailers. A few notable ones are:

  • McLane Company Incorporated
  • Core-Mark Incorporated
  • Eby-Brown Company
  • HT Hackney Company
  • KY Closeouts Incorporated

#1: McLane Company Incorporated: McLane company is ranked the largest and most popular distribution company in the United States of America. They started servicing stores in 1894. They provide grocery and foodservice supply chain solutions for mass merchants, convenience stores, and drug stores throughout the country. McLane companies operate 80 distribution centers across the country, supplying over 50,000 products to over 90,000 retail outlets.

#2: Core-Mark Incorporated: Core-Mark started in 1888 and is ranked as one of the largest distributors in the Northern side of America.  Offering a full range of products and marketing programs over 29,000 locations, they serve traditional convenience stores and markets across the United States. They focus on the purchase and delivery of general merchandise, beauty, and health products, having 28 distribution centers spread across the United States.

#3: Eby-Brown Company: Eby-Brown has been a top convenience store supplier for over 120 years. They are the largest privately-owned distributor and suppliers of candy, tobacco, and convenience products. They service 13,500 retail locations across the country.

#4: HT Hackney Company: HT Hackney is one of the largest wholesale distributors in the U.S They provide superior customer service. Their programs are aimed at offering customers the ability to get their store needs from one dependable source. They have their distribution centers strategically located across the country, covering 22 states. They supply over 25,000 products to over 30,000 market and stores.

#5: KY Closeouts Incorporated: KY closeout supplies a variety of consumer products, including candy, beverages, snacks, cleaning supplies, and more. They offer the best closeouts, general merchandise, cleaning, and food products on the market. KY closeout is located at Tompkinsville, Kentucky.

Distributors play a significant role in the distribution channel. They serve as the intermediary between manufacturers and retailers. With the help of these agencies, a manufacturer has less to worry about getting his products to the market and making good sales. On the other hand, retailers can get the number of products they can afford to resell to the final consumers and get it when they want.