C-Store Items for Wholesale Distributors

C-Store Items for Wholesale Distributors

Convenience stores, commonly known as c-stores, are retail shops usually beside gasoline stations that stocks and sell a wide variety of everyday consumer items. These items range from toiletries, magazines, confectionery, to snacks, beverages, drinks, drugs, and other household supplies. 

For the effective function of a convenience store, it must stock the right selection of supplies and equipment. This way, the products provided are correctly displayed, stored to keep them fresh and protected at all times.

Consumers are interested in instant service and variety, so to retain and keep them coming in their numbers, it is necessary to supply certain items.

Below is a list of items for wholesale distribution:

  • Merchandizers
  • Snack station supplies and equipment
  • Beverage and drinks equipment and supplies
  • Product display cases and warmers
  • Toiletry and drug supplies
  • Janitorial/ maintenance equipment and supplies
  • Refrigerator
  • Dispensers

#1: Merchandisers: Merchandisers are convenience store equipment designed for the display of products. This is to make consumers access various products quickly and also to keep the products fresh and free from contamination. The three types of merchandisers are open merchandisers, commercial merchandisers, and freezer merchandisers.

#2: Snack station supplies and equipment:  This section consists of the microwave, toaster, ovens, trays, snack bags, confectionery, burger, chips, nachos, hot dog, pizza. Some of these are hot food that may require display warmers.

3: Beverage and drinks equipment and supplies: This group of equipment consists of coffee and tea equipment, coffee, tea, bottled water, espresso, disposable cups, sugary beverages, smoothies, straws, hot chocolate, dip trays, coffee and tea brewers, slushy machines and blenders.

#4: Product display cases and warmers: In a bid to entice customers, you need to display your products. Customers won’t buy what they cannot see; these items are essential for distribution. Also, some products must be kept warm. In such a case, warmers are used.

#5: Toiletry and drug supplies: Items under this category includes female hygiene products, soaps and detergents, hand sanitizers, toilet papers, and over the counter drugs.

#6: Janitorial/ maintenance equipment and supplies: These are equipment used to keep the business environment clean and healthy. They consist of trash bins, cleaning chemicals, hand dryers, air fresheners, paper towels, disposable gloves, mops and buckets, brooms, and light bulbs.

#7: Refrigerators: Refrigerators are essential equipment in the convenience store, since the majority of products require refrigeration to be kept fresh. These days we have walk-in refrigeration systems, reach-in refrigeration systems, and even under-counter refrigerators.

#8: Dispensers: There are different types of dispensers for a variety of products available in the convenience stores. There are the beverage dispensers, hot water dispensers, hot food dispensers, Ice, and water dispensers.

Shelves, dunnage racks, stands, and tables are necessary items that should also be available. With the right stock of items arranged properly to satisfy customers want, one can be rest assured of excellent sales and more customers trooping in and out.