Largest C-Store Distributors

Largest C-Store Distributors

The United States of America is filled with numerous convenience stores selling a wide variety of products, including groceries, general merchandise, toiletries, and all other supplies. As a manufacturer, it is a thing to have a retail-ready product, and it is another to have them in these stores and circulated in the market. To accomplish this, there are companies you can network with that will help you get your product across the market.

These agencies are called convenience store distributors. A manufacturer approaches them with the product he wants to market for sale. They then help in disbursing his product to the convenience stores and ultimately to the consumers of his product. There are quite many distributors out there servicing convenience stores, but there are some that have proven to be the largest.

Listed below are a few of the largest convenience store distributors:

  • McLane company
  • HT Hackney
  • Core-Mark
  • Eby-Brown company

#1: McLane company: McLane company started in 1894 and is currently one of the largest distributors in the country. McLane Company supplies foodservice and provides grocery for merchandise. With 80 distribution centers across the country, they buy, sell, and deliver over 50,000 different consumer products to over 90,000 locations. With this large number of costumers, McLane is still known to deliver products on time and to offer excellent customer service. They service convenience stores, chain restaurants, and retail traders that sell alcoholic beverages.

#2: HT Hackney: HT Hackney started in 1891. They are also one of the biggest wholesale distributors in the United States. They have their distribution center strategically placed across the country, covering 22 states with a supply of over 25,000 products to over 30,000 markets and stores. Providing excellent customer service, they focus on ensuring that convenience stores get their goods supplied from them without having to rely on any other distributor.

#3: Core-Mark: Core-Mark started its service in 1888. They are one of the largest known market distributors on the Northern side of America. Having 28 distribution centers spread across the United States, they serve more than 29,000 stores and markets. Core-Mark is also a top market distributor known for full-service marketing, competitive pricing, and getting products delivered on time. They major in servicing grocery, drug, and other small format retailers that sell consumer packaged goods.

#4: Eby-Brown Company: Eby-Brown company is the largest privately-owned distributor in the United States. They service 13,500 retail locations across the country. Eby-Brown has been a top convenience store supplier for over 120 years.

These four distributors have been in the distribution industry for years, and the experience and understanding that exudes from such a company is of great value. So, when searching for distributors and comparing them to one another, always have in mind how these model companies operate. Moreso, don’t forget that choosing a distributor that agrees with your product is vital to ensure good sales.