List of C Store Distributors

List of C Store Distributors

As a manufacturer, once your product is ready for sale with your customers in mind, you’ll need someone to supply your goods, which involves finding the right wholesale distributor for your brand. Distribution is a very crucial factor in the supply process. A distributor helps in conveying products from the manufacturers to the retailers.

With the help of the distributor’s list, the process of locating a distributor becomes a lot easier. A convenience store distributor list comprises distribution companies with information about them, such as their names, location, contact, and kinds of products they supply.

Below is the list of some prominent and active convenience store distributors in the United States of America:

  • Mr. Checkout Distributors
  • McLane Company
  • Core-Mark
  • HT Hackney
  • KY Closeouts, Inc.
  • Springhill Cheese
  • Muswick LLC
  • Farner-Bocken Company

#1: Mr. Checkout Distributors: Mr. Checkout is a group of full-line grocery, independent distributors with their headquarters in Oviedo, Florida. Their distributors’ service about 35,000 stores around the country.

Telephone: 1-800-367-0076.

#2: McLane Company: McLane is a wholly-owned unit of Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated. Having 80 distribution centers across the united states, they supply over 50,000 products to about 90,000 retailers across the country. McLane services convenience stores, chain restaurants, and retail traders that sell alcoholic beverages.

Telephone: (254) 771-7500

#3: Core-Mark: Core-Mark is one of the largest distributors in the country. With 28 distribution centers spread across the United States, they focus on the purchase and delivery of general merchandise, beauty and health products. They service over 29,000 stores and markets across the United States.

Telephone: (650) 589-9445

#4: HT Hackney: HT Hackney supplies over 25,000 products to over 30,000 market and stores. They have their distribution center placed across the country covering 22 states, with the majority on the eastern side of the united states.

Telephone: 865-546-1291

#5: KY Closeouts Inc.: KY closeout distributes various products such as; candy, cosmetics, beverages, snacks, perfumes, cleaning supplies, and more. They offer the best closeouts, cleaning, general merchandise, and food products on the market. KY closeout is located at Tompkinsville, Kentucky.

Telephone: (270) 407-5400.

#6: Springhill Cheese: They provide customers with the best quality and assortment of organic dairy products. Springhill cheese is located in Petaluma, California.

Telephone: 480-548-7672

#7: Muswick LLC: They distribute a wide range variety of products such as cigars, automotive, bags, soda, and beverages, cakes, health and beauty products, cleaning supplies, snacks, cigarettes, tobacco, racks and more. Muswick is located in little rock, Arkansas United States.

Telephone: 501-374-5562

#8: Farner-Bocken Company: Farner-Bocken headquarter is located in Carroll. They supply over 14,000 items, including paper, ice cream, chemicals, automotive, tobacco, beverages, snacks, candy, groceries, cigarettes, and convenience foods.

Telephone: 1-800-274-8692.

Finding a convenience store distributor for your product should be of less stress with the information provided. Working with the right one for your brand would maximize profit and ensure growth in your business.